Me Time – How to Meditate

Dr. Jeanne King, PhD. 12/22/2022

I hear people in all walks of life express their longing for “me time.” The first thought that comes to me is what better way to hang with me and know my Self than to linger in meditation.

However, for most people the concept is foreign or something only others do. There is usually an excuse for how they have not been able to allow this privilege for, and with, themselves.

If a patient appears open to the concept of discovering equanimity and renewal in silence, I introduce basic meditation instruction. Some employ this guidance eagerly and some don’t.

If you are one of those people who would meditate if you simply knew how, this article is for you. Let’s start by making meditation easy.

How to Meditate

We all have the experience of awakening in the morning as long as we are fortunate to be blessed with another day. There is a space between sleep and wakefulness in which you are fully relaxed in body and yet aware of your being awake. That’s the magical moment (AKA the hypnopompic state: the state between sleep and full waking).

In the spirit of introductory ease, simply widen this gap. Linger in the restive bodily experience and allow the mind to simply be awake unto itself. If you’re asking what then do I pay attention to, stay with me.

You pay attention to attention itself. Let the mind go wherever it is drawn effortlessly. If you find that you are running with thoughts with active intention—versus effortlessly observing—then, gently and easily bring your attention back to the restive bodily state that is there upon awakening.

The key words here are effortlessly and easily. You are simply guiding the attention back to the bodily felt sense of ease within.

For some people it may be easier to let the attention find the breath, for others it may be more natural to be mindful of the full volume of space under the skin. And for those formally trained in mantra meditation, it may be most natural to allow the attention to fall onto the mantra…hearing it over and over in the mind’s eye…easily, comfortably and effortlessly.

At some point, there will be a readiness to emerge into activity. This, of course, is a function of how long you have committed to the “discipline” and what the body needs upon awakening.

Whatever that time is for you, make sure that you emerge gently. By that I mean slowly, gradually as though you are allowing the dawn to reveal itself within bit by tiny bit.

Habits of Meditation

Some people will maintain a routine wherein they find these magical moments in their day and others will return to meditation when reminded. Know this: the glory of this practice is truly in the practice.

This is your “me time.” This is the place where you know you are not your thoughts. You are not your emotions. You are not your body. You are the larger consciousness within and beyond the boundaries of your experience.

For more insights on how you can learn to meditate and integrate this life enhancing practice into your daily routine, simply ask. It would be my pleasure to assist in your establishing your mediation practice. You can find a link for a consultation on the bottom of this page:

Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. has taught meditation for over 25 years and has maintained a daily meditation practice beginning 1972. (50 years of daily meditation practice at the time of this writing OMG)

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