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Mission Statement

Partners in Prevention is dedicated to preventing domestic violence and intervening with educational and therapeutic resources. Through consulting with domestic abuse survivors and by publishing and distributing domestic violence eBooks, we help individuals worldwide recognize, end and heal from domestic abuse.

Through training and speaking, we inspire and teach nurses, physicians and therapists nationwide to identify domestic violence, facilitate change and restore healing for the abused patients they serve.

Origins and Influences

Partners in Prevention grew out of the experience and inspiration of four professionals who knew the injustices of the justice system with respect to domestic abuse victim protection. It was truly an impassioned journey of dedication in bridging domestic violence victim advocacy and healthcare. Subsequently, we took this work to another level when we grounded it in the wisdom of the teachings of Abraham (Esther Hicks), contemporary Buddhism and classic Yogic traditions.

Dr. Jeanne King and Abraham Ester Hicks

Domestic Violence Healthcare


We began the work of our mission educating healthcare providers on how to identify and effectively interface with and clinically manage domestic abuse survivors. Dr. King traveled the country providing workshops, seminars and keynote addresses to physicians, nurses, psychologists and social workers throughout the United States.

In 2008, Dr. King was inspired to write the insights that flooded her experience through teaching and helping others break the cycle of domestic violence. First there was 100 articles that came about as a result of Dr. King awakening one day saying to herself, I wish I could write everyday. She repeatedly thought, if we had enough revenue to run our programs for our nonprofit work, she could write everyday.

And then one day, she realized that she had it backwards. If you write everyday, we will have enough to carry out the mission of our work. So for 100 days, Dr. King wrote everyday. One of our Board members was reading and proofing Dr. King’s articles. When we reached 100 article insights, she said, “let’s divide them into topic specific areas.” And immediately two eBooks were born.

The next year, two more. And the year after another. We now have 12 eBooks all designed to help you understand the elusive enigma of domestic violence, and discover your way out of this dysfunctional dynamic.

The eBooks and articles were helping many people from all walks of life in varying stages of breaking the cycle of family violence. The testimonials started pouring in on how this work was helping people wake up and heal in ways never done before.


Domesitc Violence Healing

What we realized was that people could read passages and connect emotionally (affectively) with the content offered, in such a way that their experience transformed…making them available to resources previously unavailable to them consciously.

What occurred to us was that we could offer an educational and transformative experience to many people who could not afford the fees of individual personal consultation and professional guidance. Please know that this in no way is intended to replace your proper healthcare management.

Our Success ~ Your Benefit

We invite you to benefit from this accumulation of two decades of professional experience. Our desire to make this possible for you is what led to InnerSanctuaryOnline.org.

InnerSanctuaryOnline.org will be developed over phases. The article insights, eBooks and video insights are Phase One.

Phase Two will offer you both interaction with one another as well as monthly contact with Dr. King. We will keep you posted as this unfolds, and our hope is that it is sooner rather than later.

Our commitment is to bring you the latest in innovative methods to release trauma, regain emotional freedom, release limited beliefs, and ease the discomfort of being battered physically, verbally and psychologically.

As part of InnerSanctuaryOnline.org, you will be included in all of our specials leading up to and through the introduction of this phase. Until then, we welcome you to learn, grow and heal.

Inspiring your wellbeing in or after an abusive relationship.

Partners in Prevention

Partners in Prevention

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