Domestic Violence Meditation ~ My Personal and Professional Flip

By Dr. Jeanne King, PhD. Home in Meditation In my twenties, I longed to live

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Classic Legal Domestic Abuse and My Bodily Autonomy

By Dr. Jeanne King, PhD. This has been the most disturbing and most healing year

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Battered Women Before the Court ~ What’s a Mother To Do?

It Looks Like You Don’t Have Access to This Content! If you’re not yet a

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Domestic Abuse Treatment or Domestic Violence Divorce?

by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. People in abusive relationships want peace, safety, harmony and well-being.

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Psychiatric Sovereignty ~ Why Many Battered Women Vanish

Did you know that it is illegal to coerce someone to take an unwarranted psychiatric

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Domestic Violence Divorce ~ The Cobra Batterer, Child Custody Seeker

Have you ever noticed how some abusers will fight you to the end for custody

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